Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.


My name is Jan Robert


My name is Jan Robert. 

I bought my first Basenji in New Zealand in 1968.

He was -


          (NZ Ch. Fula Kiwi of the Congo (Imp UK)
             X Belindii of Bulawayo). 

                  Kaspar was an education in himself,
              and I adored him.

Although he was often a trial to live with,
 and I had to be at least 10 steps
ahead of him all the time,
he instilled in me an undying love for the breed.

Kaspar and I came to Australia the end of 1969,
and I purchased my first tricolour bitch


(Pharaoh Tri Tekeru
           X Wandra Samantha)
                  as his companion.

                I will always have tricolours in my breeding plan,
                  as their colour is so spectacular,
                      and their temperament is so easy to live with.

           1974 Audrey de Little (SELVAS) and I began our partnership
to purchase an American import
and TAMSALA was born.

Audrey retired from Basenji breeding in the early 90"s,
and I continued on my own.

Because of work commitments managing boarding kennels,
my dog showing became more sporadic. 

However, my best friend Heather Budd is a "showaholic",
and she takes great delight in showing off the Tamsala team.

I prefer the study of bloodlines, and breeding, 
and show occasionally.

I am no longer involved in boarding kennels.

As I am "semi-retired", I do dog clipping part-time at home,
alternating that with gardening
on our beautiful 50 acre property. 

Because of this, my Basenjis are very rarely on their own.

At the tender age of 63 years
I discovered the joy of doing "other" things with my dogs.

Turnip (my Swedish import) has introduced me to :-

the Delta CGC programme  (Canine Good Citizen)
which he has passed-

which he is learning and loves,

and Tracking.

I have also started doing RallyO 
with both Turnip and his son Jimmy.