Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.


(Imp New Zealand)

Kaspar of Kariba (Imp NZ)

(NZ Ch Fula Kiwi of the Congo (Imp UK) X Belindii of Bulawayo)

Kaspar was born on the 24th May, 1968.

He went to join his best friend and son - Ch Tamaiti Tahi Taniwha -
at the age of 16.5 years.

Ch Tamaiti Tahi Taniwha

(Kaspar of Kariba (Imp NZ) X Ch Tamaiti Tahi Teina)

I lost Taniwha at the age of 11.5 years with kidney cancer.

Kaspar didn't want to live without his son, so a few days later,I let him go with him.

Kaspar and I had 11 different addresses in his lifetime
both in New Zealand and Australia.

Where I went, he went - he was my friend and confidante
- I shared my problems and worries with him -
and in return he protected me, and gave me his friendship.

He was the best $50.00 that I have ever spent.

I learnt so much from Kaspar
- both about Basenjis -
and about life and living.

It is because of all that he taught me,
that 45 years down the track,
I still have (and love) Basenjis.

All have their own personalities and little quirks.
But when they made Kaspar - they broke the mould!!

(Which was probably just as well -
I don't think the world could have coped with another one like him around!!)

This is Kaspar's story.