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 Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.



Sire : Amer Ch Sukari's Spot The Target CD

Hips - OFA Good

Eyes - Clear

Normal Urine

DNA clear HA

Died at 14 yrs perforated intestine

Dam : Dual.Ch Jasiri's Jurassic Bark MC

Hips - OFA Excellent

Eyes - Clear

Normal Urine

DNA clear HA

Normal Thyroid

Died at 10.5 years of Lymphoblastic Lymphosarcoma

Mary's Health Testing

Hips - 1:3 (OFA Excellent)

Eyes Clear

Fanconi DNA Linkage Marker Test "probably affected"

DNA Clear HA

Normal Thyroid

Date of Birth - 12.12.98

Mary won her American title at 8 months of age, before coming to Australia. After serving her 30 days quarantine, she quickly made her mark at Tamsala.

Although I had not intended for her to be a "house mouse" (I already had Miki and Lucky in that position) - she wore her feet down on the concrete within a couple of days "hooning" up and down with the others.

If I wanted to show her, she had to have sound feet to walk on - so into the house she came. She was to be crated at night, but her idea was that if the 2 boys had "bed" privileges - so did she!!!

Mary has a defective thermostat. If the temperature drops below 25C, she starts to shiver!! Imagine what taking her down to the Hobart Royal in October did to that!!!

She gained her Australian Championship title in quick time, and said "Right, that's done - now I retire thank you!!" (She has always had an inflated idea of her own importance.)

Mary had 4 litters, and proved to be an excellent producer. She was a basket case when whelping time came around, making sure that the whole world knew what a terrible time she was going through!!But ,as a mother, she was excellent, and her puppies always had gentle, easy to live with personalities.

Litter No. 1 Born 31.5.01 - 5 red/white bitches

Sire : Ch Tamsala Dashing Derek

Aust Ch Tamsala So Love Me Lots

Litter No. 2 Born 4.7.02 - 2 red/white bitches, 1 red/white dog

Sire : BIS Ch Tamsala Silkn Soksi

Tamsala Spunky Trunks retained for future breeding (in a pet home)

Litter No. 3 Born 12.4.04 - 4 red/white dogs, 1 red/white bitch

Sire : RUBIS Aust. Ch Tamsala Skulduggery

Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS. Aust Grand Ch Tamsala Hot Diggity Dawg

BIS/RUBIS Aust Grand Ch Tamsala Hot Time Tonite

Points (Majors) winner at three Specialties

Amer.Ch Tamsala Hot Onya Heels (Exp USA)

Litter No. 4 Born 6..6.05 - 1 red/white dog, 2 red/white bitches

Sire : Amer/Aust Ch Jasiri-Sukari H.R.PupnStuff (Imp USA)

Aust Ch Tamsala Mitena Mystic

RUBIS (Hound Club Specialty)

Aust Grand Ch Tamsala Mitena Magic


Maggie gained her Australian Grand Championship title

on the 15th August, 2007 at the tender age of 26 months and 7 days!!

(Change of date due to Heather's inability to total up Challenge points correctly!!)

Way to go, Maggie!!!!