Tamsala Basenjis

Where health testing and excellent temperament are of equal importance.



 This puppy came, not only with a list of instructions -



According to Kaspar - he had never eaten "that" stuff before--and had no intentions of starting to either!!! 

After many trials and tribulations - I got him eating - but NOT anything on the list!!

I made him a walking lead of a 30 foot long piece of clothesline rope (at least he could have that length of running room), and started walking - accompanied by one of my cats, "EXTRA".


On one of our walks through the paddocks, accompanied by the cat, Kaspar discovered a week old placenta from a calving - which he promptly - and with great delight - rolled in!!!

Home we went -where he got tied to the clothesline, and washed with the hose (from a great distance!) 

THAT rule was made to be broken- and he didn't dissolve in a heap on the ground - so a bath became a regular occurrence. 

I did discover though that Basenjis can SCREAM!!!

Because I had other teachers flatting with me - I didn't want Kaspar living in the house unsupervised, while we were at school - in case he got into their belongings.

I had made,( before his arrival), a little run - with sleeping quarters at the end (like a "puppy sized" rabbit hutch). 
The wire was chicken netting - according to the shop plenty strong enough for a puppy. 

(Please note PUPPY not Basenji!)

I had the weekend to get Kaspar used to his run - and I had made him a little red coat so he wouldn't get cold.

 With plenty of "bribery and corruption", he appeared to accept the run readily enough. 

I should have realised this was part of the Basenji  "put their mind at rest" plan!!!

On the Monday morning at school, I received a phone call from the local dog ranger. 
(I lived in a small country town of approximately 2000 people - so everyone knew everything!)

"Jan, didn't you buy yourself a little red and white dog on Friday?"

"Yes",  said I warily.

"Well- someone picked him up on the road this morning - he's here in my office - pick him up on your way home tonight."

This I did. 

When I got home, I inspected the run- which had a Basenji-size hole in the wire netting!!

I re-wired the run with stronger mesh- then gradually worked up over a period of weeks, to borrowing a friend's Cocker Spaniel run made of lighter gauge "cyclone" wire.

Each day, I picked up Kaspar from the Ranger's office! 

It became a standing joke in the town - this little red dog, in his little red coat - taking himself around to the Ranger's office - and banging on the door to be let in. 

He spent each day, sitting in front of the heater, and enjoying tidbits from the Ranger and his staff. 

Basenji opportunism at its best!!!

I got the message!!! 

(I was a slow learner!!!) 

Kaspar spent the rest of his time at Featherston living in the house - and going for long walks (on his piece of rope) three times daily. 

He was fit - and so was I.